International Bancard Passport

Welcome to Passport

Your portal to success with International Bancard

Passport is our lifeblood of information for daily business. Designed both for sales partners and for International Bancard employees, Passport is the secure portal we use daily to manage workflow, sales pipelines, customer records and more. It generates custom real-time reports and serves as a library of critical information and documentation.

What you'll find in Passport:

  • Key customer paperwork that helps you close business with International Bancard
  • Sales commission, special bonus and incentive guidelines and updates.
  • Employee guidelines, policies and Human Resources documentation.
  • Sales tips, success stories and industry trends that help you market and sell more effectively.
  • Marketing initiatives as they relate to key International Bancard industry verticals.
  • Technical support and follow-up process guidelines.
  • Prospect-to-customer tracking workflow to keep customer information up to date.

Passport unifies our efforts so we truly work as a team. We encourage you to sign in every day.